Gym Bags

Judo Gi Bag

This is a fun bag that is made from actual gi material! It gives you a lot of room for boxing gloves, gi's, water bottles, etc. It has a zipper compartment on the back and a weaved cord with a plastic handle for carrying.
Choose between two colors:  Natural (shown in picture above) or black

Regular Price:  $29.99
Sale Price:  $19.99! 


W1 Big "Dragon" Duffel Bag

Here it is, another huge gear bag for all of your sparring equipment, gi's, water, protein bars, and long vacations of traveling. This bag measures 25 in long x 12 in. high x 15 in. wide. It has a variety of pockets and compartments and will serve you well. On the side there is a screenprint of the "Warrior-One" text and Dragon on the side pocket (as shown in the picture).

Regular Price:  $49.99 
Sale Price:  $29.99!