Women's Sparring Gear

Boxing Headgear (Red)

Boxing Headgear (Black)

This is a great piece of equipment to protect your face while sparring or learning to spar. The headguard was designed with a few things in particular:
1)  A snug elastic and velcro banding in the back to keep the headgear in place when sparring.
2)  A very comfortable inner lining to help keep the sweat off your face and keep you feeling cool in the process.
3)  Good visibility for when sparring.
4)  Good breatheability as this headgear with the open top. 
5)  Excellent fit and long lasting genuine leather design to go as many rounds as you can.
Choose between black leather or red leather.

Regular Price:  $59.99
Sale Price:  $49.99


Head Circumference
(measure around the temples)

Hat Size


6 3/4 to 7 1/8


7 1/8 to 7 3/8



7 3/8 to 7 5/8

Twins Gloves - Pink
Straight from the factory, all hand made in Thailand.  These great Pink gloves feature:
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Multi Layer Padding
  • 16 oz weight for great protection

Regular Price:  $89.99 
SALE PRICE:  $79.99 


W-1 "Comp V" Glove - Blue

W-1 "Comp V" Gloves - Red

Side View

Palm View

Warrior-One's "Comp V" Style Glove are awesome! 

Some of the features include:
Genuine Leather, 5 oz padding, with an outstanding fit and design.  These gloves are great for competition or training.  Get a pair right now, before they are gone.  Choose between sizes XS - S (for kids and women), M, L, and XL.

Retail Price:  $59.99
Sale Price:  $49.99


Revolution #1
All Womens MMA DVD

The best in women's MMA collide on this fully interactive DVD that chronicles the fights from beginning to end and includes dozens of BONUS pieces! ALL REGION ENCODED! So it plays in EVERY DVD player in the world!

125lbs Ruth Mejia battles Erica Montoya (only 17 years old)
155lbs Jennifer Irons vs. Jessica Ross
170lbs Olga Bakalopoulos takes on Shannon Hooper (girlfriend of UFC Champ Josh Barnett).
135lbs Angela Wilson vs. Tanya Vlahac for Canadian bragging rights! THESE TWO ROCKED!
150lbs Mayra Conde vs. Angela Restad in the fight of the night! Talk about a war!
135lbs Shelby Walker and Tara LaRosa make an attempt to settle a dispute.
135lbs Debi Purcell and Christine Van Fleet square off in the main event!

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

Revolution #2
All Womens MMA DVD

This is one of the best DVD's HnS has ever done. It features nearly two hours of content with matches NEVER before seen anywhere, including:
1. Judy Neff vs. Jessica Ross

2. Julie Kedzie vs. Terry Blair

3. Christine Van Fleet vs. Tanya Vlahac

4 Shelby Walker vs. Judy Neff

5. Kelly Kobold vs. Ginele Marquez

6. Del Greer vs. Fancesca Menda

7. Terri Lukomski vs. Jennifer Howe

8. Tara LaRosa vs. Angela Wilson

9. WORLD TITLE FIGHT - Tara LaRosa vs. Jennifer Howe.

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

Revolution #3
All Womens MMA DVD

TONS of great fights and bonus features with the following bouts:

Debi Purcell vs. Amber Mosely

Jan Finney vs. Ginele Marquez

Molly Helsel vs. Shawny Alvarado

Kellyn Heuhn vs. Victoria Remington

Lisa Ward vs. Mandy Stewart

Chris Van Fleet vs. Amanda Buckner

Shelby Walker vs. Beth Westover

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99

"Remix" Fights
All Womens MMA DVD

Another incredible, action-packed womens mixed martial arts fights.  Check out some of these great matches:

15 Wicked Womens
Full Contact Fights

Becky Levi vs Miwako Ishihara
Junko Yagi vs Floor Holman
Erin Toughill vs Irina Rodina
Svetlana Goundarenko vs Kyoko Inoue
Marloes Coenen vs Mika Harigae
Megumi Yabushita vs Bambi Bertoncello
Tatiana Kovochinova vs Atsuko Sakuraba

Reg. Price $29.99
Sale Price $19.99